Our focus in providing our expert witness work is in two primary areas:
1) “standard of care” for insurance agents and brokers, and
2) insurance policy coverage opinions.

Two of our more recent cases are outlined below:

Case #1 – A broker had provided coverage (Garage Liability) to a client for some six or seven years. He changed the insurance company at renewal and missed a key coverage concern. Of course, a loss ensued which would have been covered had the agent/broker offered to the client the proper coverages which had been provided for under a prior policy period. This case focused on 1) the standard of care owed to the insured and 2) the offering/providing of proper coverage to the insured. This case was settled prior to any depositions as the evidence overwhelmingly favored the injured insured.

Case #2 – A farmer in the San Joaquin valley engaged the services of a crop dusting firm to spray his crops. The service was provided, but in doing so there was significant overspray and chemical drift from the farmers’ property to a neighbor’s farm property. The alleged damage exceeded some $2,000,000 in injury to the organic (not anymore!) market fresh tomatoes of the neighbor. The deposition and testimony provided by Laurus centered on two distinct areas: 1) the standard of care owed by the long time agent/broker of the farmer who had hired the crop dusting firm and, 2) the failure of the agent/broker to offer and procure the proper coverages. This case settled immediately prior to being heard by the courts in favor of the farmer who had hired the crop dusting firm.

“Casey Roberts is one of the most prepared and effective experts I have ever worked with over my near 40 year span as a trial attorney. I would not hesitate one moment in retaining him again on my next case.” Mick Marderosian, Marderosian & Cohen, PC


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